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Canada Internet Providers - Home Internet Plans

Canada internet providers come in all sizes, big ones, little ones, ones that are in between. Usually though, when Canadian residents are searching online for internet providers, it is not actually internet providers that they want to find so much, as the actual home internet plans that the internet providers offer! In particular they usually want to find affordable internet plans or the cheapest internet plans, though some folks are more interested in the fastest internet plans. Some Canadian internet providers are national in scope, some Canada internet providers only regional.

There are actually a lot of internet providers in Canada, far more than you might imagine, but when it comes time to compare home internet plans and providers, well that can be a little more difficult. There can be many basis for comparison. For example you can compare on the basis of the best home internet plans in Canada, or you could compare on the basis of the cheapest home internet plans in Canada, or even on the basis of unlimited home internet plans in Canada. One could also compare home internet plans on the basis of home internet plans on promotion in Canada. As a note, high-speed home internet plans in Canada are usually available in most urban areas, but only some rural areas. Fibre Optic internet plans are available in Canada, but only in select locations. You may also ask 'how to get internet at the cheapest rate in Canada?', as that would be a very relevant question. To help you compare the cheapest home internet plans and the best home internet plans, below are some of these unlimited home internet provider plans available in various parts of Canada:

Generally speaking, Canadian internet providers are required to be registered with the CRTC. The aim of this website is to help inform you regarding the topic of internet providers in Canada, with the secondary aim of trying to help you make an informed choice when selecting a suitable home internet plan from the Canadian internet service provider of your choice. You do have choices, even with the rapid decline of the number of independently owned internet providers in Canada, due to CRTC decisions that forced may of them to go out of business or sell out to the large cable and phone companies.

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In fact in Canada there is far more choice than in the USA, especially considering that they are about ten times our population. In the USA the larger internet providers have generally speaking swallowed up most of the smaller ISPs, and the American government has not mandated competition like the Canadian government has. Larger coax cable and DSL internet providers in that county have not been mandated to permit smaller ISPs to 'rent' their infrastructure, which has been the primary means by which we have so much Canada internet provider competition in Canada in terms of home internet plans. That said the CRTC works in mysterious ways in setting wholesale access rates which the smaller Canadian internet providers have to pay to the larger ones for use of the cable TV networks, etc. (The same cannot be said for mobile internet plans, as the smaller Canadian internet providers are pretty much locked out of that market, and likely always will be.)

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Depending on where you live, you may be familiar with some of the larger Canadian internet providers such as Rogers, Rogers with Shaw, Bell, Telus, Videotron, Cogeco, and Eastlink. These larger Canadian internet providers own their own cable TV networks or DSL networks. Both types of networks are used to deliver home internet plans to end customers. Coax cable internet plans are usually available urban address in Canada in most major Candian cities, and some rural ones.

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Also, depending on where you live, you are less likely to be familiar with the smaller Canadian internet providers (ISPs), who, generally speaking do not own their own Canadian cable TV networks, or DSL networks. The simplified explanation is that these Canada internet providers 'rent' (pay to use) the cable TV networks of the larger Canada internet providers. What this means for you the end customer, is that you can order a home internet plan from one of these smaller Canadian internet providers, which they can then deliver over the larger Canada internet provider cable TV networks, and the internet plans include the use of the cable TV line to your home. DSL internet can be offered in much the same way, though in that situation the cost of the phone line use is not necessarily included in the cost of the internet plan. In this way, in essence the smaller Canada internet providers are able to offer home internet plans which compare well with Shaw internet plans, Rogers internet plans, Rogers WiFi plans, Shaw Wifi plans, Eastlink internet plans, Cogeco internet plans, and Videotron internet plans and packages, but under their own banners. These smaller Canadian internet providers then tend to pay the larger Canadian internet providers to do the home internet installations on their behalf, as well as to look after any service calls should one ever be needed.

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How to compare all internet plans available in Canada

Some internet service providers also offer web hosting. We hope that this information has been helpful. Have a great day!