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Internet Providers Edmonton

WRS Internet Plans

Comparing high speed internet providers in Edmonton, as well as high speed internet plans? Need internet services Edmonton, and would also prefer to find the cheapest internet in Edmonton (don't we all)? Likely you also want fast internet plans, maybe even the fastest internet plan? WiFi that is fast internet, which is also reliable internet, as well as unlimited internet, can be handy for stuff like video conferencing, or online gaming, which makes it popular with so many people. There are a bunch of high speed internet providers in Edmonton, way more Edmonton internet providers than one might imagine. In short, each of these Edmonton internet providers is required to be registered with the CRTC as an internet provider or an internet reseller, or both.

The goal of this webpage is to help inform you regarding the subject of internet providers Edmonton, with the secondary goal of trying to help you make an informed choice when deciding on an Edmonton internet service provider and picking an Edmonton home internet plan. There are options to consider including internet speeds. The smaller Edmonton ISPs tend to 'rent' the Rogers with Shaw Edmonton coax cable infrastructure, which has been the primary means by which we have so much Alberta internet provider competition in Edmonton in terms of home internet plans for most urban addresses in Edmonton.

The Best Home Internet Plans in Edmonton

When comparing the best home internet plans in Edmonton and internet services Edmonton (often on the basis of internet speeds and prices), the table below lists the high speed Edmonton home internet plans offered by WRS Web Solutions Inc., they have been around since 2010. These may be some of the cheapest internet plans in Edmonton, and they are fast internet, though most people do not actually need the fastest internet plan internet connection. No term contacts or multi-year commitments. No cancellation fee. Cancel anytime, by sending an email. Modem purchase or rental options available at time of ordering (if you do not already own a suitable modem). All of these home internet plans are unlimited data usage and are high speed internet plans. Payment is requested when the order is placed as theirs is a pay in advance service. Visa & MasterCard accepted. 'Month' refers to a thirty day period. The 60 Mbps download speed plan meets the needs of most Edmonton families, and if it does not meet your needs then the 100 Mbps download speed plan should, but if not they have other high speed internet services Edmonton which should. If at anytime you want to move up to one of the faster home internet plans Edmonton, then just email them and ask to move up to the next plan, and they can easily do that for you. These home internet plans are of comparable quality to the internet services Edmonton offered by Rogers with Shaw. Pick the best internet connection to meet your needs and your budget.

🡻 Edmonton Download Speed Mbps 🡹 Edmonton Upload Speed Mbps Price Order A New Activation Transfer From Another Cable Internet Provider
5 0.512 $45.95 per month Order Transfer
10 1 $49.95 per month Order Transfer
30 5 $65.95 per month Order Transfer
60 6 $69.95 per month Order Transfer
100 10 $89.95 per month Order Transfer
500 100 $129.95 per month Order Transfer
1000 25 $139.95 per month Order Transfer
The Urban Internet Company

Since you reside in Edmonton, you are likely somewhat familiar with the larger internet providers Edmonton such as Rogers with Rogers, Shaw and Telus, all of which offer home internet plans Edmonton. Rogers with Shaw owns their own Edmonton cable TV network, and Telus owns its own Edmonton DSL networks, plus Edmonton fibre to the home networks. (As a note in Canada, fiber optic is spelt fibre optic, unlike in the USA where it is spelt fiber optic.) These types of networks are used to provide home internet plans to Edmonton residents at most urban addresses, and in some cases without a cancellation fee. Most offer unlimited data usage on most of their plans.

Rogers with Shaw Telus

All that said, you likely as not as familiar with smaller internet providers Edmonton, which, tend to not own their own Edmonton cable TV networks, or Edmonton DSL networks, (or for that matter Edmonton fibre to the home networks, what Telus tends to call 'Pure Fibre' which would always be the fastest internet, but fibre-powered cable internet would offer the second fastest internet plans). The very simplified explanation is that these Edmonton ISPs 'rent' (pay to use) the Edmonton cable TV networks of the larger Edmonton internet providers. What this means for you the end consumer, is that you can buy an Edmonton home internet plan from one of these smaller internet providers, which in turn can then deliver over the Roegrs with Shaw internet provider cable TV network in Edmonton, and these Edmonton internet plans include the use of the Edmonton cable TV line to your home. Edmonton DSL internet can be offered in much the same way, though in that situation the cost of the Edmonton phone line use is not necessarily included in the cost of the Edmonton internet plan. These smaller Edmonton internet providers then tend to pay the larger Edmonton internet providers to do the Edmonton home internet installations on their behalf, as well as to look after any service calls in Edmonton, should one ever be needed. (Some companies may charge a cancellation fee.) Each strives to offer the cheapest internet in Edmonton.

WRS Web Solutions Inc. The Urban Internet Company TekSavvy Solutions Inc. Start Vmedia Acanac Primus Execulink

Most Canadian provinces have a single major city, one which is significantly larger than all the others. Alberta is unique in this regard, as it has two major cities of somewhat similar size, Edmonton with a 2024 population of about 1,163,271 people and Calgary with a population of about 1,665,000 people. A fur trading post was established as Fort Edmonton in 1796, settlers arrived in the 1870's to farm. The railway arrived in the area in 1891, other rail lines followed. Edmonton became the capital of Alberta in 1905. Oil was discovered in nearby Leduc on February 13, 1947, setting off an economic boom until the Federal National Energy Program was introduced in 1980.

Some of these Edmonton internet providers even provide web hosting Edmonton. We hope this information regarding home internet plans Edmonton and which internet service providers in Edmonton offer the fastest internet plans aavilable in Edmonton has been useful. Have a great day!